Saturday, June 23, 2018

Few apps which helps me in tracking news and views

Feedly @
This is one app which I access daily and almost every time I open my mobile or laptop. There is no other app which comes close to this if you want to stay updated with latest news.

Pocket @
This app lets you read article in a clutter free environment. I liked this app so much that I subscribed to the paid version (just Rs 500 per year). The mobile app even lets you highlight (Wow, this is amazing). I have this bad habit of highlighting just that next time I focus on that important line of the article. Another feature very useful here is it searches the full article for any keyword (I guess this is only in the paid version).

Google Doc (akin to MS Word) @
Google Sheets (akin to MS Excel) @

The positives are many, like
  • Its on Cloud 
  • Searches full document and not just the title of the file (like in your desktop) 
  • Collaborative (lets you share your stuff with others)

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