Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Podcasts you MUST subscribe

I find podcasts very useful during travel and is a good alternative if you are bored listening to the same music. Have observed that very few of my friends are accustomed to podcast. Once you are subscribed to decent number of podcast, the availability of good content is not an issue.

I have been subscribed to the following podcasts (mostly investment related). Also sharing the respective Google Podcast links.

  1. Capital Allocators by Ted Seides (Link)
  2. Masters in Business by Barry Ritholz (Link)
  3. The Knowledge Project by Shane Parish of Farnam Street (Link)
  4. The David Rubenstein Show (Link)
  5. Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman (Link)

Other podcasts that I am subscribed to are the daily news updates (Bloomberg Quint, CNBC TV18, etc).

Let me know if there is any interesting podcast which I am not subscribed to. 

Thanks for reading this article.

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